Rock On
our balcony view in Panama City beach, FL

wishes come true ; make em count

only had two kisses in 2012 . this was my first , 12:00:00 am January 1st 2012 ! Waddup my other half , my one and only

bluuuurr. my first love of 2012

earmuffs and what not

lil one

snowshoeing and what not ! snowday tingz

touring some downtown graffiti

living the movember life.

bad-sauce asked:
hey my friend almost started cutting today. Could you please send her a nice message to make her day or something? it would be really awesome. please and thank you, her url is lord-asianmort

yes , i will ! anyway you can tell me the reason for why she does this ?
im gonna do it off my new account though cause i frigged up on this one so i juuuust started a new one,
follow me here

my bad for answering publicly :(

oh how cliche of my heart to let me know ive fallen for my best friend, ive never felt this way heeeeelp :(

Hoping more than anything for a good valentines this year ! I havnt had a good one since that one perfect year :( but thats not coming back ! Fingers crossed

Fav sweater :)

Luv her :)

Rock On